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Zizanie is a great French word that can mean anything from “shambles” or “discord” to wilfully “stirring the pot”. It can also mean “weeds”. This exciting new work for all ages created by Australian dance icon, Meryl Tankard for Adelaide’s own Restless Dance Theatre, celebrates the beauty in difference and reminds us of Grayson Perry’s inimitable words that “weeds are just flowers in the wrong garden.”

The grump next door wants everything to be as neat as a pin; for him, there’s no wall high enough to keep out life in all its wild, unruly splendour. Can he learn to embrace the zizanie and discover fun?

Designed by Girl Asleep’s brilliant Jonathon Oxlade, and featuring exquisite video projections by Regis Lansac, this joyful, whimsical piece is a worthy successor to 2017’s wonderful Intimate Space and it’s an added joy to see this unique company responding to the magic of one of Australia’s most influential choreographers.

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You can also see Meryl Tankard speak in the Festival Forums on Thursday 7 March at 12:30pm.


(Meryl Tankard) is the most humanistic of our choreographers and one of the most inventive.

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