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The 2019 Adelaide Festival presentation of La Reprise marks the Australian debut of director Milo Rau, hailed as “the most influential” (Die Zeit), “most awarded” (Le Soir), “most interesting” (De Standaard) and “most ambitious” (The Guardian) theatre artist of our time. The Swiss-born director and author turned to theatre and film making 15 years ago and his company’s scrupulously researched reconstructions of world events (the Congolese Civil War, Putin’s show trials, a murderous paedophile’s grim history in Belgium to name a few) have become much-discussed theatre events around the world.

His remarkable ‘show all workings’ theatre is far removed from Brecht but could be as important. Danish “dogma” cinema-style, he recently outraged many with a 10-point manifesto for making theatre: bilingualism, inclusion of non-professionals, publicly accessible research, even rehearsal and performance in war zones. Point 1 sums it up though: “It’s not just about portraying the world. It’s about changing it.”

La Reprise (“the repetition”), approaches tragedy in the form of a multi-perspective narrative of a criminal case: the 2012 murder of a young gay man in Liège, Belgium. The piece premiered only last year: The New York Times called it ‘the production that dominated conversations in Avignon…extraordinary’. Clinical, intimate, shocking and utterly compelling, no theatre lover can miss this unforgettable work from this major new voice in world theatre.

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The acting is exceptional across the board... It is an extraordinarily mature, crystalline and compelling piece of theatre.

The Guardian, UK

Undoubtedly the greatest moment of the (Avignon) festival.

Le Figaro

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