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Two Jews walk into a theatre... details

Two Jews walk into a theatre... pictures

Two Jews walk into a theatre... description

This captivating piece emerged last year from an unlikely melting pot of Australian talent. Celebrated choreographer Gideon Obarzanek is directed by equally celebrated choreographer Lucy Guerin, but here he’s not dancing but acting. Acting alongside celebrated actor/director/designer Brian Lipson who is also called upon to dance.

To further confuse our preconceptions, Brian and Gideon play their dads, the eponymous two Jews, waiting in the foyer to see the play devised by their sons, who to their amazement have managed to become celebrated in their peculiar fields. Gideon’s dad narrowly escaped extermination in Poland and came to Australia via Israel. Brian’s was raised in London by a family who fled Cossack pogroms in Lithuania. Despite the similarities that have defined their lives, Zenek Obarzanek and Laurence Lipson could not be more different in how they identify with being Jewish and the state of Israel. What could go wrong?

A beautiful, affectionate tribute on one level, it’s a fascinating exercise in self-analysis and a study of how the social and political winds that buffet our families shape us all.

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Convulsively hilarious... Unmissable and unforgettable.

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Both moving and entertaining.

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