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How can a show become a cult hit after only four performances in four different cities? Because it’s no ordinary show. This is The Second Woman – Nat Randall and Anna Breckon’s astonishing feat of endurance performance and live cinema. They have agreed to perform their herculean work for a fifth, perhaps final, time at the 2019 Adelaide Festival.

Virginia, a woman, waits. The door opens. A man, Marty, enters. They talk, they laugh, it’s awkward, it’s funny. He leaves. Then she does it all over again, and again, for a full 24 hours.

None of the 100 different Martys, from across South Australia, have met or rehearsed with her. While it’s true each random man changes the meaning of the scene, it’s what they have in common that shocks: whether you choose to stay for an hour or a day, the nature of engendered power relationships becomes deeply etched in your mind.

It’s a brilliant concept inspired by the 1977 John Cassavetes film Opening Night, created by a female and non-binary team who capture and mix the action live from five simultaneously recording cameras. At the conclusion of each scene the man must make a stark decision. The wait for what comes next becomes more addictive than any binge-worthy TV series.

FOMO* is a real and present danger for this event - take heed from audiences elsewhere and diarise the date!

*FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out!

A stunning creative feat, from concept to execution. One of the finest examples of independent Australian theatre in years.

The Guardian

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We become obsessive voyeurs, closely reading each encounter for alterations in her delivery, and for different...performance choices made by each male performer…People (myself included) sat in The Second Woman for hours at a time, and upon leaving they could be heard saying “we have to come back.

Time Out

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