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Australian composer Kate Moore writes poetic, sensuous music. She often layers instruments against pre-recorded versions of themselves, building dream-like landscapes. Moore’s shimmering textures are interlaced with the austere beauty of Purcell’s consort fantasias, and crystalline harp and harpsichord solos by Couperin and Ferrabasco. Performed by Thomas Gould, Brendan Joyce, Caroline Henbest, Daniel Yeadon, Kirsty McCahon, Neal Peres Da Costa, Marshall McGuire, Genevieve Lacey.



Kate Moore (b. 1979): Whoever You Are Come Forth
Henry Purcell (1659-1695): Fantasia Number 5 in 4 parts
Kate Moore: Stories for Ocean Shells*
Louis Couperin (1626-1661): Prélude non mesurée in A minor
Louis Couperin: Prélude non mesurée in F major
Kate Moore: House of Shards and Shadows for 9 bass recorders (2013)
Kate Moore: Prayer (2019)
Alfonso Ferrabosco (1543-1588): Fantasia No.2
Alfonso Ferrabosco: Fantasia No.5
Kate Moore: Letter One (2015)
Kate Moore: Broken Rosary
Henry Purcell: Fantasia Upon One Note
Kate Moore: Synaesthesia Suite (2014)

*tape performed and recorded by Ashley Bathgate



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