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Fabled for its ability to seduce gods and calm mad kings, the lute has long been bestowed with magical powers. On the baroque guitar, rarely-heard vihuela da mano, and the elegant, long-necked theorbo, Argentinian Eduardo Egüez invites us into the quietly passionate world of Italian, Spanish Renaissance and Baroque solo lute music.



Luys Milán (1500-1561):
  Tres Pavanas a la italiana
  Fantasia del VII y VIII tono 
  Fantasia del VIII tono  

Luys de Narváez (1490-1547): 
  Fantasia del V tono
  Fantasia del I tono                                                                                                             

Alonso Mudarra (1510-1580): 
  Conde Claros                                                  
  Romanesca “Guárdame las vacas” 

Francesco da Milano (1497-1543):
  5 fantasie (3, 33, 40, 30, 5)   

Alessandro Piccinini (1566-1638):
  Toccata XVII
  Toccata VI 

Santiago De Murcia (1673-1739)—Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710):    




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