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A clever reboot of a Slavic folktale, Windmill Theatre Co’s new work Baba Yaga introduces young audiences to Vaselina, the shy and nervous concierge of the Poultry Park Apartments. Saddled with the unenviable task of enforcing the pernickety regulations of the body corporate, Vaselina must investigate the strange and noisy emanations from the new and terrifying penthouse resident, Madam B. Yaga.

Her trip to the top floor leads Vaselina to a scary and uproarious rendezvous with its defiantly ‘different’ tenant. Born out of a happy meeting of minds – director Rosemary Myers (Girl Asleep), Christine Johnston (The Kransky Sisters’ siren of the bowed saw) and Scottish children’s theatre artist Shona Reppe – this peach of a show earned critical bouquets and adoring fans at the 2018 Edinburgh International Children’s Festival.

The funny and endearing performances are matched by outstanding and outlandish work from the whole creative team: costumes, sound, music and Windmill’s trademark animated projections. Good-weird family entertainment from one of Australia’s most beloved companies for young audiences.

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This is no simple tale of a good young girl and a wicked witch, but a … visually thrilling parable about how an encounter with an older woman who is a rule-breaker … can be a vital part of a young girl’s development.

The Scotsman

Deliciously [and] spookily imaginative...

The Guardian

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