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Music of unearthly purity from Iceland to the Mediterranean, via the coasts of Scandinavia and England. Beguiling melodies and close harmonies, sung with the vocal blend that has given Trio Mediaeval an international cult following. Twelfth-century songs for the Icelandic St Thorlak, mesmerising 14th-century polyphony, new music written for and by Trio Mediaeval, performed by the legendary Scandinavian vocal trio.



Anon. (Gregorian Chant): Salve regina
Anon. (13th-century England): Salve mater misericordiae                                                    
Anon. (12th-century Italy) arr. A.M. Friman (b. 1972) & L.A. Fuglseth (b. 1969): Fammi cantar            
Office of St. Thorlak (14th-century Iceland): Vespers responsory                                                             
Anders Jormin (b. 1957): Ama (2014)                                                                                          
Anon. (15th-century England): Ave rex angelorum—Ecce quod natura—Alleluia a newe werk
Office of St. Thorlak (14th-century Iceland): Vespers antiphon and psalms I, II, III         
Anon. (14th-century Berkeley Castle, England): Benedicta es caelorum regina


Trad. (Norway) arr. A.M. Friman & L.A. Fuglseth: Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro                      
Anon. (12th-Centnury Italy) arr. A.M. Friman & L.A. Fuglseth: Benedicti e llaudati                    
Trad. (Norway) arr. L.A. Fuglseth: Fryd dig du Kristi brud                                                             
Andrew Smith (b. 1971): Iosef fili David (2006)—Ave Regina Caelorum (2005)—Ave Maris Stella (2004) 
Office of St. Thorlak (14th-century Iceland): Special antiphonVespers antiphon and psalms IV, V
William Brooks (b. 1943) Vale dulcis amice (2006)        



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